Grant Harrison, Chairman IOD Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Neil provided us with a most inspirational talk… The feedback received was very positive and many commented that they found his talk most inspirational and enlightened them as to how to overcome being reluctant to network.”

Don Leslie, Director BLT

Neil is a sure-fire hit for presentations on networking. His ‘Reluctant Networker’ session for guests of BLT was excellent and the feedback from the audience uniformly warm.”

William Ryckaert, Audit Director, Philips

Neil was an inspiring speaker during our Philips 2013 global conference with participants from across the globe (Europe, US, Asia, Latam). One of the main challenges for each individual in our team is to actively take ownership of our professional career. Even if you are a “reluctant networker” he demonstrated how you can be very effective in leveraging your networks. The team very much appreciated Neil’s engaging and interactive style. He provided us with great insights and practical examples how to make the best out of our network.”