The Reluctant Networker

The Reluctant Networker

“Think that networking could help your career but put off by the thought of doing it?  The Reluctant Networker shows you ways that you’ll find easier than you might think…” Mike Cutt, Non-Executive Director, Coach and former HR Director of Thomas Cook, Boots and B&Q

Many working professionals are ‘Reluctant Networkers’.  They do not like the thought of ‘cold calling’ friends of friends, joining networking clubs or going to networking events where they have to ‘work’ a room full of strangers. Written by a ‘Reluctant Networker’, this guide supports you in developing your networking skills in ‘bite-size chunks’ rather than having to do a complete makeover. 

Signed copies available from the author via (click on ‘Buy Now’); the book is also available in all the main eBook formats: Kindle, iBooks, Kobo as well as Google play (for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK or Sony Reader).

By reading this book, learn:

·         to view networking in a different, more positive light

·         how networking can help your career goals

·         the fundamental principles of good networking

·          numerous practical tips on how to network effectively

·          how to get started, based on your own circumstances


The Reluctant Networker
Neil spending more time in coffee shops (Practical Tip #4)


“In today’s world networking is essential not just to find your next role but to ensure you make a success of your current role.  By taking the perspective of ‘The Reluctant Networker’ the  book is essential reading for the many people who have realised the importance of networking but find that it does not come naturally to them.”  Sir Ian Cheshire, Group Chief Executive, Kingfisher plc (owner of B&Q)

“As a small-consultancy owner, I always understood that networking was important but I fit into a definition Neil puts early on in his excellent book ‘The Reluctant Networker’: always preferring to email than talk on the phone.  I’m glad then that a client project forced me to have to phone Neil up because it was that chat that led me to discovering his hugely powerful book.  Very highly recommended.” Richard Hammond, Author of ‘Smart Retail’ and Managing Director of Smart Circle Ltd

“The Reluctant Networker dispels the myths around networking and forces you to confront your own demons about taking the subject seriously and committing to action.” Ian Williams, Head of Organisational Capability, Lloyds Banking Group

“Most of my outplacement candidates find the idea of networking deeply depressing but this book makes it seem almost infectiously exciting! I think they will find it enjoyable and hugely helpful.” Jonathan Mardall, Jonathan Mardall Consulting (Outplacement Services)


Buy this book now!  Signed copies available from the author on Marketplace; the book is also available in all the main eBook formats: Kindle, iBooks, Kobo as well as Google play (for Barnes & Noble’s NOOK or Sony Reader).