Talks & workshops

Now both online and face-to-face

Neil is an inspirational speaker on networking with participants really valuing his honest, down-to-earth approach to the subject. He talks openly about how difficult the majority of people find networking and then shares the many, different ways there are to network, many of which people find much easier than ‘working the room’ at a networking event. All his talks are highly interactive as he believes it is vital to get his audience talking about their views on the subject as well as sharing their experiences (both positive and negative).

He has spoken at events for leading organisations in the private and public sectors, as well as academic institutions including:

Neil’s talks include:

  • Online talks and workshops
  • Breakfast seminars and ‘Learning Lunches’ that usually last about an hour
  • Before / after dinner speeches that are shorter and more light-hearted
  • 1½-3 hour workshops that cover the topics in greater depth as well as getting participants to develop an action plan

All his talks are tailored to the specific needs of the occasion. Examples include:

  • ‘In-house’ talks focussed on helping employees do their jobs better, including how to be a better internal networker
  • Talks for professional services companies focussed on how networking can be an invaluable sales and lead development tool in addition to helping deliver better projects for clients
  • Talks for clients of outplacement companies focussed on how networking can help you find your next role
  • Talks for women’s networking groups
  • Talks for students aimed at getting into good networking habits at the start on one's career